Blog Bite .004 - finding time to do yoga

Finding time to do a whole yoga sequence during the holiday season or when traveling can be very challenging if not seemingly impossible. For me, this really begs the question of what is yoga?

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I just had a few disconcerting short dreams that probably set the stage for this feeling in my body. Then the narratives begin to swirl …How am I possibly going to complete all of my tasks today; or even this week? Something horrible is going to happen! Thankfully somehow, I was able to step back and say to myself…WHOA. Take a minute to truly understand what you are feeling before you even get out of bed. And I did. I found that as I said to myself exactly what I was feeling in my body, what emotions were present and I acknowledged my mind-state, I calmed and felt more spacious.

Checking in with yourself at least once a day just to ask how are you is as important as a physical yoga practice. In many ways it is no different. It helps you to make the magical connection between body and mind. It brings you into the present moment. It helps you to cultivate a compassionate attitude towards yourself and to accept the truth. This act of self -acceptance is something that can be done on a train, plane, in bed or in a meeting. It doesn’t take a long time BUT it is so helpful in creating space and understanding; kindness and compassion.

If I am already up and about, I might get out my yoga mat with no intention of doing a whole sequence from beginning to end. I just sit down for 5-15 minutes and respond to what my body desires. If it is sitting back into child’s pose because I need to GROUND, super. If it is doing 6 sun salutations because I need to ENERGIZE, great. If it is just taking solace from the simple act of sitting or lying down to FEEL, awesome.

Yoga doesn’t have to be complicated but it does need to be connective…between you and YOU.