Blog Bite .001 - meditation + mindfulness

Meditation is one of those activities that we love to judge. Ironically, meditation is very helpful in cultivating a witness consciousness and a non-judgmental attitude. Isn’t it interesting when what we try to practice entices us to do the very thing it is helping us NOT to do?

My dedicated meditation students have reminded me that even when we deem our meditation session to be ‘bad’, the benefits throughout the day are palpable and real. The ‘texture’ of the mind is altered in a way that creates a non-reactive and more mindful approach to anything that heads our way.

Meditation should be difficult…the mind IS a muscle. The effort we exert in order to keep the mind focused is what serves us in the rest of our waking hours. The effort awakens us and helps us be mindful in all of our activities. An investment of time each day in a meditation practice is an investment in the rest of our life. Well worth the time.