Meditation Classes and Series for Corporate Offices

Meditation Benefits

Meditation in the office is mutually beneficial for both employer and employees.

Employees will:

  • have lower blood pressure

  • have less tension due to stress

  • have improved attention and awareness

  • have improved concentration, memory and creativity

  • have less anxiety and negative emotions

  • be more present

Employers will have:

  • a more positive work culture

  • increased employee efficiency and higher productivity

  • less employee turnover

  • healthier and happier employees



Corporate Class Packages 

Corporate Class Packages are perfect for introducing meditation to your office culture. It includes an hour long Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation session to clarify any questions relative to the practice, to dispel misconceptions and to offer helpful tools that can be used easily. A short guided meditation follows.  The subsequent meditation sessions consist of guided meditations with time for questions and discussion.

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corporate package | $250

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation | 60 min

4 Meditation and Discussion Sessions | 45 min each

additional meditation and discussion sessions | $200

4 Meditation and Discussion Sessions | 45 min each