We are located in one of the most interesting (and sunny) eastern San Francisco neighborhoods: Dogpatch/Potrero Hill. Why is it so interesting? Well, the now primarily residential Hill is flanked by what has been mostly industrial uses in the flats to the north and east (now Dogpatch). As the Hill is fully developed, the growth is occurring below in the flat areas where industry is moving out or where storage is no longer needed. The result is a beautiful mixture of building types and uses that makes for exciting juxtapositions and energies.

Giggling Lotus Yoga is located in the venerable American Industrial Complex. A former cannery, this development became a catalyst for growth in Dogpatch/Potrero Hill because it has attracted (and still does), designers, artists and creators of all types from foodies to tech start-ups to yogis :)

Giggling Lotus Yoga is also located is near the 22nd st Caltrain stop for students who live in South Bay / Silicon Valley.