jamie spatt


Jamie Spatt comes to Giggling Lotus with a deep appreciation and understanding of the importance of empathy in learning throughout the course of human development. She practices cultivating growth mindset in her students both in her yoga classes and in her kindergarten classes everyday. In addition to her 200 hour RYT certification, which she received at Giggling, she is also a kindergarten teacher at Alt School, Fort Mason. Teaching is at her core and she has a specific interest in inquiry based learning and finding ways to navigate the questions that drive passionate inquiry both within in the mind and within the body. 


Jamie brings an approach to her practice that is personal, tuned to the individual, and playful in nature. She is interested in bringing out the 'inner child' in the adults around her and teaching her students it is okay to fall and to embrace imperfection as an opportunity for growth and learning! She is interested in pursuing her 500 hour certification soon with a focus in children's yoga and prenatal. 



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