What is Life Alignment Yoga®


transformative, unitive, aligning, wholesome, integrating, centering, balancing, strengthening, lengthening, enduring, harmonizing, expanding and spacious


Life Alignment Yoga® is the transformative practice of Yoga philosophy: joining the mind and body in mindful awareness. You are invited to observe your patterns, your asymmetries and your experiences. This is an act of embodiment...of using the body as a vehicle to align with the mind/spirit and become awake. It is a unitive and accepting celebration of your wholesomeness: integrating your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

Life Alignment Yoga® begins with safe and stable alignment principles rooted in refining your awareness of your own individual anatomy relative to the essence of any given pose. Our sequencing responds to the season, time of day and the intent of the practice. You will practice focused and organized attention to the basic poses so they become building blocks for your more challenging poses, finding common actions in your body to support the logical sequencing that we offer. We encourage you to use props to help your practice meet you where you are and also to help create a sense of spaciousness in any pose.

The roots of Life Alignment Yoga® are in both traditional Hatha and contemporary Vinyasa Yoga. Duration and transitions between poses are both strategically used according to the specific goals of the practice. Your strength and mental acuity are challenged. Integrative movement encourages the proper firing of muscles in the appropriate order. The core (mind, body, breath) is a three-dimensional support for the entire practice. Breathing well is fundamental to create ease even in the most challenging of poses and to smooth out the energetic textures of the body/mind.

In practicing Life Alignment Yoga®, your life becomes a meditation in action on and off the mat. You have fuller experiences as your yoga practice becomes integrated into your entire life. Ordinary activities become extraordinary as your awareness is carried into every moment. 

Life Alignment Yoga® is an art creatively composed according to what is needed at any given moment. It is a science drawing from thousands of years of direct experience of yogis, anatomists, and energetic body-workers. It is a philosophy about how to live well.