liz derenzy


Liz started practicing yoga to relieve low-back pain and got hooked on how good it feels. With mindfulness and self-exploration she aims to help students of all abilities experience the full benefits of asana and find ease in even the most challenging poses.

A Bay Area native, Liz returned to San Francisco in 2007 after 13 years in Bielefeld, Germany. Since her return she has been crunching numbers for nonprofit organizations working to improve social equity in the Bay Area and beyond.

Liz started teaching yoga as a volunteer at Age Song Assisted Living Community in 2015. Working with the elders has had a profound impact on her and made teaching an important part of her yoga practice.

Liz completed the Giggling Lotus Yoga LIFE School Teacher Training in 2016. She is appreciated by her fellow yogis for her curiosity and gentle assistance with alignment.  

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