Meditation for Individuals

Take a beginning Meditation Series to uncover the spaciousness that is your natural state of being.

Join me in exploring the practice of meditation. I am a teacher-in-training and teach the technique called TMI from The Mind Illuminated by Upasaka Culadasa. It is a technique that can be practiced on its own or with any type of meditation technique to help you progress in your practice and experience more amazing benefits from meditation :)

I use the strong infrastructure of TMI to explore meditation with my students and provide individualized assistance for Stages 1-6. I bring experience and understanding of the powerful relationship between the energetic, physical and mental bodies to compassionately facilitate the progress of your practice. This perspective can enable your mindfulness to become seamless both on and off the cushion.

For classes, workshops and weekly sits go HERE.

To enroll in an individual 30 minute online or in-person consult go HERE.


Benefits of Meditation

A regular meditation practice yields many benefits. You will:

  • be happier regardless of conditions.

  • have fuller experiences.

  • have the ability to maintain equanimity and calm in difficult situations.

  • have more compassion for others.

  • feel more spacious even when you have a lot to do.

  • find deep contentment.

  • experience great physical benefits such as lower blood pressure, less strain on the endocrine system and body due to stress, and sleep better.

  • learn to listen deeply to yourself and others.

  • learn to accept change.

  • have less anxiety.

  • be more present and focused.