Meditation Classes and Series for Individuals

Take a beginning Meditation Series to uncover the spaciousness that is your natural state of being.

Join me in exploring the practice of meditation. I am a teacher-in-training and teach the technique called TMI from The Mind Illuminated by Upasaka Culadasa. It is a technique that can be practiced on its own or with any type of meditation technique to help you progress in your practice and experience more amazing benefits from meditation :)


Benefits of Meditation

A regular meditation practice yields many benefits. You will:

  • be happier regardless of conditions.
  • have fuller experiences.
  • have the ability to maintain equanimity and calm in difficult situations.
  • have more compassion for others.
  • feel more spacious even when you have a lot to do.
  • find deep contentment.
  • experience great physical benefits such as lower blood pressure, less strain on the endocrine system and body due to stress, and sleep better.
  • learn to listen deeply to yourself and others.
  • learn to accept change.
  • have less anxiety.
  • be more present and focused.


On Location Beginners Series for Individuals

This meditation class series is for beginners and getting individual feedback. The series begins with the fundamentals:

  • What is meditation and mindfulness?
  • How do I meditate?
  • How do I keep my meditation practice going?

The main focus will be to establish a consistent and sustainable practice so that you can experience the many benefits. Each series is limited to ten students in each course.

*Note that after 6pm you must enter at 2325 3rd St. and dial 018 to be buzzed in.

fall meditation series | $150

Six 90 min Sessions

October 16th - November 20th

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm



Ongoing Weekly Reading of The Mind Illuminated and Sit

Come read from The Mind Illuminated by Upasaka Culadasa and meditate. We will be reading through the whole book on Thursday nights, incrementally working through the text followed by a 30 minute guided meditation and 15 min of discussion. 
Great for folks who have established meditation practices from any tradition.
Begins on August 23rd :)
Donation suggested but not required.

*Note that after 6pm you must enter at 2325 3rd St. and dial 018 to be buzzed in.

drop-in reading and meditation series |

by donation

Thursdays 7-8:30pm

Begins August 23rd



Ongoing Weekly Sit

Come sit with others. We sit for a 30 min. guided meditation and then have a brief discussion. Different for more info.

drop-in meditation

Sundays 7-8pm