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Joyous TMI Meditation Series at SF Dharma Collective


Joyous TMI Meditation Series at the SF Dharma Collective

Tuesdays, June 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th


Learn how to establish a meditation practice with the foundation of joy. Meditation can be a very enjoyable practice if cultivated with a positive outlook, acceptance of what is present and a focus on intentions rather then goals.

This meditation series is for anyone practicing between Stages 1-4 in the TMI technique. The series will cover the following:

 ·       A brief review of the Four Noble Truths and how they can be experienced in meditation.

·       A brief overview of how Buddhism has developed/been influenced in the west and its naturalization with contemporary science.

·       A thorough introduction to TMI and its overall 10 Stage model.

·       The differences between attention and awareness and how they work together to create an optimal experience.

·       Techniques and strategies for Stages 1-4.

·       Antidotes for common problems in meditation.

·       An introduction to the model of the mind and how it works.

·       An introduction to the practice of Metta and walking meditation.


Guided morning online meditations will support your practice during the course of the series.

By Donation. All proceeds go to the SF Dharma Collective.

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This Workshop will be at the SF Dharma Collective at 2701 Folsom St San Francisco, CA 94110