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Joyous TMI Meditation Series in Dogpatch


Joyous TMI Meditation Series in Dogpatch

Tuesdays, July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th


Learn how to establish a meditation practice with the foundation of joy. Meditation can be a very enjoyable practice if cultivated with a positive outlook, acceptance of what is present and a focus on intentions rather then goals.

This meditation series is for anyone practicing between Stages 1-4 in the TMI technique. The series will cover the following:

 ·       A brief review of the Four Noble Truths and how they can be experienced in meditation.

·       A brief overview of how Buddhism has developed/been influenced in the west and its naturalization with contemporary science.

·       A thorough introduction to TMI and its overall 10 Stage model.

·       The differences between attention and awareness and how they work together to create an optimal experience.

·       Techniques and strategies for Stages 1-4.

·       Antidotes for common problems in meditation.

·       An introduction to the model of the mind and how it works.

·       An introduction to the practice of Metta and walking meditation.


Guided morning online meditations will support your practice during the course of the series.

$150 - no one will be turned away for their inability to pay…talk to me :)

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This Workshop will be at the American Industrial Complex in Dogpatch at 2325 3rd St, Floor 2R, unit #22. Ring 00022 to be buzzed in.