"As a person who has never done yoga, no warrior pose, no pensive tree pose, I loved her class. It mixes meditation and deep passive yoga that uses gravity to stretch connective tissue. Afterwards it feels like you’ve had a great massage and you get the added bonus of getting your meditation in. Mimi is a great teacher, gentle, down to earth, and deeply knowledgeable about the body and its energy centers. If I loved it… well, people don’t know what they missed. I hope she teaches more, she’s a treasure."

SF Dharma Collective student who took the Integrating Your Energetic Practices Workshop

"Yin yoga training with Mimi has given me an incredible deepening to my work as a yoga teacher as well as my personal practice. I truly found the information on the cutting edge of understanding the yoga practice.  Mimi has a lovely and practical way of presenting the material physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I highly recommend the Yin yoga training."

Shelley S.


"I just wanted to say that I have the distinct privilege to have been trained under Mimi Moncier of Giggling in her life school 200 RYT training program. I could not be happier or more thankful for her extreme and personal dedication to her students, for her width and depth of knowledge in YOGA in many facets, and the way she practices and teaches with such authenticity and care! I highly recommend her upcoming teacher session starting this August for anyone interested in becoming a successful and happy YOGA teacher! I am currently teaching my first classes just a few months out of training! :) THANK YOU GIGGLING!"

Jamie S.


"Giggling Lotus is a gift to the community. Mimi and her wonderful staff of instructors foster a safe, warm space to practice yoga and meditation. I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and had been living in SF for a year before finding my yoga home at Giggling. There is so much color and light in the room, and yet it is still infinitely calming. The studio makes me feel cared for. I bought the three-month intro package and it's been a great fit. Classes are thorough, intimate, generally good for all levels. I've seen a lot of yoga studios across the country, and this is one of the most generous I've encountered."

Suzy Q.


I took my very first Yin yoga class with Mimi and continued for years after, so it only felt suitable to also take Yin yoga teacher training with her. This was the best decision I could have made for myself and for my students. We covered all Yin poses, yin theory, and anatomy, all in thorough detail. This training made me feel comfortable in sequencing and teaching my own Yin classes. Mimi is a fantastic teacher who will go the extra mile for her students. Highly recommend this training! 

Meghan T.


"This place was so welcoming, and Mimi is a great teacher.  The space is AMAZING!"

Sharone F.


"This place is a treasure! 
Simply the most serene, pretty yoga studio I have ever been in. It's also always the right temperature - not too hot, not to cold. But that is all just the cherry on top. The sundae underneath is just awesome yoga. The teachers are amazing at making sure everyone in the room - at a huge range of levels - is getting what they need. 
Mimi and Andrew are the two I've taken the most with, and they are both excellent."

Antonia T.


"I'm so lucky that this place is in the building where I work. 
I hadn't done yoga in such a long time and it nice to discover this place that I can occasionally go to during lunch time. I remember that I cried my first time because I found it so physically and emotionally cathartic."
Mimi is a great instructor. She has a wonderfully calming voice and demeanor.

Viyada S.


"Mimi is one of the 3 best yoga teachers I have had in the last 15 years.  She is very in tune to special needs, whether it is age or injury or body structure related.  She knows each of her students personally and gives specialized help to all.  I would recommend her classes to anyone in dogpatch or potrero since the teaching/attention is great and the space is inspiring.  Join us to feel great in your body!"

Laurie D.


"I gave GLY a shot last month as I have been seeking a second yoga studio to attend part-time in order to compliment my weekly yoga sessions that I go to elsewhere.  I purchased a one-month pass with unlimited classes.  It was a great experience. I love the studio. It's beautiful and clean. Mimi and Alice have been excellent instructors!  I will soon purchase a card with 20 classes that I can spread out during the next few months.

I am looking forward to expanding my yoga knowledge and abilities."

Will S.


"I really enjoy the Yin Yoga class.  Mimi brings a great, supportive energy to the class, helping you adjust your pose based on your needs that day (there's no 'right' answer).  Take advantage of one of the introductory deals, and come check it out for yourself."

Dana B.


"Beautiful space, lovely instructors. I've been going to the yin with Mimi and elemental yoga (new) with Melissa classes for a couple of weeks now and can't say enough positive things about this place. It had been a while since I had been to a yoga class so I was a little nervous at the start, but both Mimi and Melissa put me at ease. You can tell they both really care about their students and their practice

Over a holiday weekend, I had the pleasure of being the only student to show up to elemental yoga and had a one on one class with Melissa. It was amazing! A private class doesn't fit into my budget, but if it did, it would be worth every penny. 

I'm also totally in love with the space. From the high ceilings, to the bright curtains the place feels really bright and happy, rather than super serious and intimidating."

Rebecca N.


"I've been taking yin yoga classes at Giggling Lotus for over a year now, and I love it! Mimi is an amazing yoga instructor - extremely supportive, motivating, and accommodating. The studio also offers fun seminars/workshops on the weekends - I took a Laughing Yoga class, which was eye opening and inspiring. I will continue to take classes at this studio for as long as I am in SF."

Meghan K.


"I've been coming to Giggling Lotus for about a month since I signed up for their Yoga Bootcamp. The studio is two blocks from my place making the 7 am classes a quick walk. It was a little hard to find in the labyrinthine AIC complex, but once you do the studio itself is really cool. It's open, bright and colorful. Mimi, the owner, is a very friendly southerner that makes yoga appealingly not-too-hippie for my tastes."

Brandon B.


"LOVED this yoga experience. Mimi is one of the best teachers I've experienced in my 10 years of yoga. She brings you into that state of deep relaxation and centeredness - connecting you to yourself and something bigger while taking you expertly through poses. We took a corporate team for a class and regardless of level everyone's energy shifted and bodies awakened. The studio is beautiful - bright, urban, chic, without trying to hard . It's a space you want to stay in and one that transports you. Totally recommend!"

Stella G.


"Left my first class - Mimi's Level 2 - with a wonderful first impression.  The class took you deep, but was still gentle and full of smiles and challenges, and the space is beautiful.  If you are a regular practitioner, or looking to start your practice, look no further!  Lets all support this neighborhood gem!  And if you aren't lucky enough to live in the area - make a night of indulgence with a visit to the butcher, the ice cream shoppe, or one of the bars or restaurants afterwards :)"

Amy C.