Prenatal Yoga

What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

  • To cherish and reflect upon your process of growing a new soul while joining with other pregnant women in a supportive community
  • To honor the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of your pregnancy and the important work you are doing by giving yourself the time and attention yoga offers you for your own needs and to deepen your bond and connection with your baby
  • To cultivate awareness of the breathe and open your heart to the present moment no matter how difficult or demanding the moment is
  • To practice relaxation and observation of the body, breath and mind while in various postures -- the same positions you will use in labor and at birth
  • To bring your whole being into balance, to feel healthy, strong and calm as you face new changes and unknown experiences and challenges during your pregnancy, birth and transition to motherhood
  • To put your hands around your belly and chant to your baby to be in communion with yourself and the soul growing inside of you
  • To awaken your instinctive and intuitive nature and feel the power you have to bring new life into the world
  • To recognize your power to give birth, nurture your young and remember that you are the manifestation of a long lineage of women who have successfully birthed souls into being 
  • To help you birth with confidence
  • To help you birth without fear


Birth Preparation Workshops

What are the benefits of Birth Preparation Workshops?

Learn birth physiology in an experiential way by:

                practicing labor and birth positions




                other strategies for coping with contractions

                guidance for the partner

Apply techniques you have learned in the GL prenatal yoga class with a deeper sense of the way your body, your baby, your uterus and pelvis are designed for birthing. Learn how to optimize your body’s cocktail of helpful hormones that will support you and your baby during labor and birth.

Dads-to-be and Birth Partners

The workshops also offer guidance and a toolkit for partners to support the laboring mother. Partners leave with a new confidence in the instinctual abilities of both mother and baby, and feel more engaged in the pregnancy and empowered to be present at the birth.


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