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LIFE LAB: Drawing, Meditation and Yoga with Mimi Moncier

Hello all you amazing artists out there (everybody:) . 
Connect the DOTS into LINES into UNDERSTANDING at this fun and engaging workshop. 

Expand your dimensions of embodiment by combining the practices of drawing/painting, meditation and yoga. You will stimulate your varied chakra energies by interleaving these three activities. You will learn to access a sense of freedom and fluidity that is within you at all times just waiting to be released. Learn about line, in the body and in the mind.

Reveal the invisible with the visible. Release your 
unconscious self to become less self-conscious. 
Drawing is a process of unfolding that opens you to your own potency.

-We will begin with a Yin yoga practice to stimulate your center of creativity in the 2nd chakra: 
-We will then combine the activities of drawing/painitng and meditation through several focusing exercises. 
-Finally we will meditate specifically on the drawings/paintings that you have created.

Please bring something that embodies a color that you relate to positively.

After you register, you will be sent a list of materials to bring.
Pre-register by April 22nd required
$50 pre-registered only, no drop-ins