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SEXERCISE: Pelvic Floor Awareness with Kimmy Carter

Develop an ability to sense and feel the bones, muscles, and motions of your pelvis.

With imagery and yoga poses you hone in on both the mental and physical awareness of the bones and muscles of your pelvis and how they move.

As a result, you can enjoy these benefits in this 2-hour workshop:

·      Deepening your breath

·      Softness in neck and shoulders

·      Relaxed hips and back

·      Increased sexual response

·      A deeper sense of presence in your body

This workshop will be interactive and fun, expanding your mind through imagery and humor. Learn to strengthen your true core, including the powerful muscles the diaphragm and the iliopsoas.

All level yogis and non-yogis invited, returning students come back there is more fun to be had!

Pre-Register by October 23

$35 earlybird

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