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Roots of Yoga II: From Tantra to Hatha Yoga with Sean Feit

The yoga we practice has roots in several Indian traditions, most prominently the late medieval Haṭha Yoga tradition, which itself grew out of the beautiful and revolutionary lineages of Śaiva and Buddhist Tantra. Our practices of mantra, āsana, prāṇāyāma, bandha, mudrā, and the energetic body concepts of nādi, cakra, and kuṇḍalinī all source in Tantra.

A beginner’s look at the most fertile period of yoga’s development in India, exploring the rich experiential vision of tantric process. We’ll focus on awareness and energetic body ideas and practices, and touch on the extraordinary non-dual View of reality preserved in the Śaiva Tantra of Kashmir.

Sean Feit (SEP, E-RYT500) teaches Buddhism and Yoga with a focus on the integration of meditation, philosophy, and self inquiry with trauma resolution and social justice. He has practiced in Zen and Theravada Buddhist lineages, was a monk in Burma, and is authorized to teach by Jack Kornfield. Other primary teachers include Alice Joanou (yoga) and Steven Hoskinson (Somatic Experiencing/Organic Intelligence). Sean teaches at Yoga Tree, Yoga Garden SF, East Bay Meditation Center, and Piedmont Yoga in the SF Bay Area, and has been a guest teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he completed the Dedicated Practitioner’s Program and the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training, and is a member of the Community Dharma Leader program. Sean is a PhD candidate at UC Davis, writing on Buddhist contemplative practice and experimental dance, and lives in Oakland, enjoying a thriving community of yogis and artists.

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