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Giggling Lotus and Tea with Brian Kirbis

Yoga and tea share a common principle of limitless transformations all returning to the source.  From a single plant there has emerged several hundred varieties.  Through the refinement of our senses in appreciation of tea’s subtle characteristics, we draw our awareness into our bodies and enjoy a deep sense of physical, mental, and spiritual clarity.

Pu’er tea originates in the botanical and cultural heartland of tea in southwestern China, where the Mekong River crosses over into Southeast Asia - one of the most culturally and biologically diverse regions in the world.  It is sourced from ancient tea gardens that have been under continuous cultivation by indigenous peoples for nearly a millennium.  Unlike other tea varietals, intended to be enjoyed in season, Pu’er is renowned for its unique ability to transform through a process of microbial fermentation, thereby improving with age.      

Yoga and tea have been destined to meet at Giggling Lotus as they did in China 1,500 years ago.  Our bright, spacious studio and commitment to the art of living well make for a harmonious encounter between these two profound spiritual cultures. Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to delight in the unique body sensations and sublime fragrances of some truly remarkable teas!

Brian S. Kirbis has studied Pu’er tea in southwestern China since 2006.  He approaches tea through the disciplines of environmental and medical anthropology, committed to understanding it’s intertwined ecological, cultural and spiritual landscapes.  His commitment to chadao has given him the opportunity to present in numerous venues throughout the United States and China, sharing how to live deeply and fully through a life of tea.


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