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Life School RYT 200 Teacher Training Info Session (register for $275 off tuition)

Info Session

June-December 2017

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School® Teacher Training, Registered Yoga Alliance School (Basic 200 Hour Certification)

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Do you want to deepen your experience of living? 
Do you want to become a Yoga Teacher? 
Do you want self-empowerment rather than self-doubt?

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School® will teach you skills to find balance and to transform yourself into the person you would like to be.  Life School will help you locate your inner reservoir of resources and learn how to be in control of your mind so that you can direct it positively.

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School® is designed for folks working full time with a generous schedule that meets twice per month over six months. You will attend two classes, meet with your buddy and meet with a mentor group in between each session. Homework will facilitate your learning process so that you can cultivate your own personal practice to support whatever is happening in your life.

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School® is intimate, focused and thorough. You will be teaching within the first few weeks and throughout the program. You will have the support of a mentor, a buddy and free access to all of our classes once you have paid in full your tuition and during the full term of the training.

You will be reading, writing and reflecting on your experiences as they unfold using the tools of the path of Yoga. These are tools that apply to what you are doing in Life School and most importantly they are tools that will help you live your life more skillfully.


Fridays from 6-7pm
April 28th(register for $275 off tuition)
May 19th (register for $250 off tuition)

Maximum 16 students


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