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Happy Hips and Hamstrings with Mimi Moncier

Make you, your hips and your hamstrings HAPPY by understanding them better. Through your new-found understanding you will be able to strategize about how to create a happy condition through which to work for deeper forward folds and more open hips.


In this workshop you will:

·      learn how the hips and hamstrings are able to work together to cultivate deeper forward bending and hip opening.

·      learn how the words supple and hamstrings can be a synonymous reality for you. 

·      learn how adjacent muscle groups could be contributing to your sense of tightness in your hamstrings.

·      learn how much internal rotation and external rotation you have based on the actual shape of your hip joints and how to use this information to help you achieve a deeper experience in your hip opening and forward folds.


$35 pre-registration required by January 8th

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