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Yin Yoga Self-Training Workshop with Mimi Moncier

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Harmonize your being with a deep and regular Yin Yoga Practice. This workshop will give you the structure that you need to cultivate your own self-care program so your energetic blockages do not become chronic. By re-conditioning your perception of yourself through Yin Yoga, you can act with ease, grace and wisdom.


Yin yoga invites the harmonizing of your physical tissues by using the ancient Chinese meridian system as a way of organizing the energetic body.


Yin Yoga is one of the most efficient practices to balance your energetic and emotional bodies. With its luxuriously long holds, it affords you the privilege of strengthening your skills at noticing the subtleties of your being. In this way, it allows you to make adjustments in the way you engage thoughts, subtle talking and it re-aligns your overall perception of reality. Like in meditation, Yin Yoga brings you in to the radical present so that true reality can be revealed; therefore, you can make conscious decisions to direct your mind and body in supportive ways.


In this workshop you will:

·      learn how the energetic body and physical body interact.

·      learn how Yin Yoga works with the Chinese Meridian system to balance and harmonize the energetic body.

·      learn three simple sequences that will support the three main energetic flows of the body.

·      learn how to focus your mind to have direct experiences in your Yin Yoga practice.

$65 earlybird by January 6th

$70 drop-in

This Workshop qualifies for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits

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