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Life Lab (Ayurveda Day 2): Everyday Ayurveda + Introduction to Dinacarya with Luke Karamol

In Ayurveda the importance of daily practices are essential methods for bringing greater well-being, health, and happiness in our lives- and ways to understand ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. Please join us for this informative class as we explore simple and effective everyday routines that allow the wisdom of Ayurveda to shine forth to bring out our true nature. We will also introduce key concepts of digestion, food guidelines, as well as discover how see the world with Ayurveda lenses. Additionally, we will discuss and practice the principles of Ayurveda as it relates to our yoga practice.

About the Instructor:Luke Karamol is a graduate of the Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda Lifestyle Health counselor program and current student of Shubham Ayurveda. He is also an authorized Yantra yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist. For more information visit forthcoming)

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