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Life School RYT 200 Teacher Training Info Session

Info Session

September 2016- April 2017

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School™ Teacher Training, Registered Yoga Alliance School (Basic 200 Hour Certification)

Do you want to deepen your practice of living through Yoga? Do you want to become a Yoga Teacher so that you can facilitate others in living well? Join us for our 200RYT Yoga Alliance registered basic teacher training to become truly skillful at living through Life Alignment Yoga™: alignment of body; alignment of body + mind; alignment of body + mind + spirit.

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School™ will help you be skillful at finding balance and at transforming yourself into the person you would like to be while creating the journey that is truly yours. Yoga helps you find your appropriate containers in your life that keep you safe but not stuck and helps you strengthen your connection with yourself and others. Yoga helps you locate your inner reservoir of resources and learn how to be in control of your mind so that you can direct it positively.

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School™ is designed to work with your busy schedule and to create the conditions where you can let the information steep for deep contemplation. Our schedule requires attendance roughly two weekends per month so that you can still live your life and weave in the amazing things that you will be learning.

Giggling Lotus Yoga Life School™ is intimate, focused and thorough. You will be teaching within the first few weeks and throughout the program. You will have the support of a mentor, a buddy and free access to all of our classes once you have paid in full your tuition and for the full term of the training.

You will be reading, writing and reflecting on your experiences as they unfold using the tools of the path of Yoga. These are tools that apply to what you are doing in Life School and most importantly they are tools that will help you live your life more skillfully.

Maximum 16 students

Applications and Deposits due by August 30th, 2016.


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