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Spring Detox: Yoga, Yin and Meditation with Mimi

Refresh your being in this workshop for cleaning the body-mind. Designed to facilitate the natural detoxifying abilities of the body, you will be led through an active Hatha sequence interlaced with yummy Yin and then led through a meditation to smooth the texture of the mind. A little aromatherapy will stimulate the pleasant sense of smell.

We will begin with a simple centering meditation to create a receptive instrument of your mind-body. Pranayama will follow to begin your process of clearing and clarifying. In the Hatha and Yin sequence, the focus will be the liver/gall bladder and stomach/spleen meridians to deeply detoxify your tissues. We end with a guided meditation to open your awareness of the ever-present pleasant qualities of being.

$35 pre-registered by April 28th

$40 drop-in

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