Yantra Meditation and Classes

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Yantra meditation is a practice of drawing a symbolic geometric representation of the meeting of your inner and outer worlds. It is traditionally associated with Tantra Yoga in India as guides to human enlightenment. Yantra making is a way of finding center, balance, wholeness and connectedness to the cosmos.

The process of making the Yantra is a meditation as you become absorbed in the activity of measuring, drawing, mixing the color and painting. A sense of calm and spaciousness permeates your being from the deep engagement. Once you complete the Yantra, it is an object on which to meditate with a focal point called a Bindu. 

The principle of Shakti, or the matter, energy and sound inherent in the universe, is the metaphysical basis for the symbology of the Yantras. Archetypal deities and their qualities are often the subject matter. You choose the design based on your needs and intention at the time. 

Come spend an afternoon of fun connecting with yourself and others as you paint a Yantra.

Yantra painting is an ancient meditation practice of connecting to yourself while acknowledging your relationship to something larger than yourself. The embodying acts of drawing and painting are great activities to soothe daily stress and to bring you inward to dwell with ease.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn the historical significance of the Yantra practice

  • learn to draw a yantra using the traditional mathematical system

  • learn to use water based paints

  • learn the practice of meditating with your Yantra

  • learn a mantra to accompany your Yantra practice

All drawing and painting supplies will be provided.

Limited to 8 people, plus waitlist


Nourishment Yantra...Chandra

Nourishment Yantra...Chandra