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In Dogpatch: Integrating Your Energetic Practices: TMI Meditation, Yin Yoga and Pranayama


Note: Pre-registered only due to limited space.

In this workshop, the energetic practices of TMI meditation, Yin Yoga and pranayama (simple breathing practices) will be combined to give you an optimal physical and mental experience. You will be guided through a weaving of postures and meditations. The common thread will be your consciousness where your awareness and attention will become open and receptive to whatever is.

Yin Yoga is a profound practice that opens up energetic blockages in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is a courageous and nourishing practice as it is directly meeting yourself through the raw sensations in your body. Like in meditation, your awareness is sharpened as you bear witness to your conditioned patterns. Yin invites the harmonizing of the pervasive connective tissue in the body by ’stressing’ and breaking down entangled fibers from physical/emotional/mental tension or from physical immobility resulting in smoothly textured flowing pranic (called chi in Yin Yoga) energy. These rivers of energy in the body are important for the passage of water and pervasive communication throughout your body. After a Yin Yoga practice the fluidity of your energy is strongly palpable and pleasant.

Simple breathing practices will help to facilitate the challenges of managing discomfort in a Yin Yoga practice and teach the body how to breath well and naturally in meditation.

No Yin Yoga or TMI meditation experience is necessary.

Sunday, June 16th, 9-12pm


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This Workshop will be at the American Industrial Complex in Dogpatch at 2325 3rd St, Floor 2R, Unit #22. Dial 00022 to be buzzed in.