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Finding Your Whole Core ( mind + body )


Note: Pre-registration required due to limited space.

Living the illusion that the core is simply the group of muscles on the front of the torso, we miss out on opportunities to fully strengthen both our physical and mental selves.

In this workshop, we will explore the entirety of the core system:  all six sides of the physical core and surrounding supportive muscle groups while developing mental core skills.

While working deeply into the physical body with yoga, we will support the movements with key strategies of placing attention whilst keeping the open context of awareness bright. We will practice the skills with simple meditation techniques prior to working physically.  This combination of ways of knowing our experience will keep the movements safe and keep you at the top of your game.


Pre-register by Wednesday, July 24th.

Enroll HERE

In Dogpatch at 2325 3rd St, Floor 2R, Unit #22. Dial #00022 to be buzzed in.